Company Financials Database

EdgarStat® is an online database of Mergent global company financials, CUFT loan agreements, and transfer pricing analytics software.

EdgarStat is useful to find comparables and determine a reliable arm's-length range of loan interest rates and the US and OECD profit indicators, including gross profit margin, Berry ratio, operating profit margin and return on operating assets.

EdgarStat’s interactive software tools enable users to calculate interquartile ranges, make assets-based adjustments, and perform regression functions to compute more reliable loan rates and profit indicators.

EdgarStat contains useful databases and tools to benchmark recurring inter-group transactions.

Company Financials Database
Software Features
Adjustments for Comparability Factors
Dynamic Accept/Reject Matrix for Comparability Analysis
Access to 10-K Filings (US-listed companies)
Online Calculations of Interquartile Range
Global Company Annual Reports to Facilitate Comparability Analysis
CUFT Loan Agreements
Live Company And Loan Agreement Count
Mergent Global
Mergent Global
Mergent Global
Asia Pacific
Mergent Global
All Regions
CUFT Database
SEC Registrants
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Mergent Global

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CUFT Database

U.S. SEC credit or loan agreements(By CUFTanalytics™)

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